Once as a child I sat in fort of wood, How long ago it was Now youth lost to age. Time has passed from time of play, To times of work, And time between is lost to dream. Sat like statue, Not frightened but not alone While things changed and things became. How to slow time To reverse age but then Would youth be as sweet with burden of knowledge? Only to reflect, to gaze from distance Like museum artifact. My life in memory, On display in dreams had, Stories of past revealing self And what once was. And this boy is, Ever changing and rearranging But always the same but to a different beat A different pace And a different dream. I dream like movies played in theatres of solitude And these moments reveal the inner That remains constant throughout time. Once, ago, I sat in fort of wood And dreamt of days to come While with each second my youth gave away To age- Life slowly inching forward Closer to death. Life ends, we all know, And from the beginning an end is surely known- Not by measuring are we aware, Life cannot be measured For life here will end in a time beyond our control. Once, in fort of wood, I was a boy but still that boy am I And though the exterior has changed The soul remain unchanged by age.


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