Halloween Night

It is Halloween night. This week I have been back in South Carolina for one year. I was blessed by the circumstances of my departure from California. I was blessed by the provisions of the Lord during my trip. This came in the form two women who provided me with food and drink. If not for these women and someone leaving money in a vending machine at the bus station I would have went without. I have been blessed so much this year being back here. I was able to go on a mission trip to Nova Scotia. I have a mentor and friend in my pastor. I have a friend and Mentor I see every Thursday night (Scott). I have a new computer thanks to one of the members of the group I go to each Thursday. I have been blessed by that group on Thursday nights in that it is there that I have fully realized where God is leading me. I have been able to share things that God has placed upon my heart. I see more spiritual growth from Thursday nights then all of the times I go to Church. I mean Church by the building I go to on Sunday and Wednesday because the group on Thursday, according to the New Testament, is a Church. I thank God for these twelve months of blessing after blessing.


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