Living Life with Christ at the Center

When you think of what it really means to be a Christian you relise that it is not easy. I mean to really be a Christian and to live it out. To live according to God’s Word and not just be a spectator. It’s like looking at a parade and never participating: and then saying that you were a part of the parade. If we do not live what we preach out loud in our lives what are we doing? If we do not have God at the center, the main focus, of our lives then what is it that is at the center of our lives. It is so important to remember that living as a Christian is not about us. Paul Wrote that He is dead and that it is Christ that Lives in him. The idea of giving over your life is one that few embrace with all of their heart: Paul did. Jesus said that you have to deny yourself and follow after him, taking up your cross, daily. Being a Christian is a daily act of surrender. You know that Cheap Trick song Surrender. I mean I like the song and I just thought of it because of the title. But Surrender that could be the theme to our lives. Not the song, though it is a great song, but the surrendering of all you are each day to God. I mean to give over to God your entire life. Paul stopped living for himself and began living for God alone. At one point it was prophesied to him that he would be bound and handed over to the Gentiles. He could have went the other direction. There are accounts of people doing such in the Bible. In closing being a Christian is not the American Dream, it’s not sitting in a pew one day a week, but it is a full and complete giving over of your life to Christ: To follow after the example set by Christ.


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