Days… (Poem)

Days come and go like snow falling to the ground, Each so different yet so much the same Passing as the snow melts into the ground So are we to return one day from once we came Dust to dust our remains beneath the ground. Now is the time to remember our creator, Find hope in His redeeming grace, Not in a building made by human hands But in this sanctuary created by our God. Time to take the time, On your knees in humility Before the Lord who came To give life to those who are the walking dead, Time to give over this life for a life to come Accepting this free gift from our Lord. I do not speak out of judgment But out of Love and an understanding That is not of my own creation, I speak to you from Love Hopeful that you shall Share in this Joy that has saved me from the fire. Do not close your heart But please consider coming to my Savior Before it is too late: I am no better than you it is by Grace alone that I can rejoice in His Love.


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