Two Thoughts

Somewhere in this world, there is an open hand, Waiting for a love to come to take away the pain Of so many years alone in the dark. You see not what you should see but When hope comes, your eyes become open, To what was always there from before you were born. The rain comes and washes away the dirt, Just let this Love wash over you And cleanse your heart like the rain coming down like a shower. I sit by the open window Watching the day pass me by Not certain but hopeful for a time to come But for now I shall be content with this very hour. Rest, now, my dear friend Take my words and allow this change to come from within Your life will not be the same After you give over your life For the life to come. Two thoughts intertwined, A rose among thorns Is the state of my mind Where can love be found but in our hearts Not from man but from above As in a gift, the promise of a helper to come, Hope for future hours when this one seems so dark. Leave the old behind, don’t let it remind you Of where you have been but look to the Hope I have found And the things that will save you from the sorrow to come.


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