Dancing Single and Cold Weather…

I want to a singles dance. The Columbia After Dark Singles Dance. I helped to set up so it was free to get in. We had dinner before the dance: Thanksgiving. It was Saturday night. I had fun and yes I did dance. I would say that I was the youngest person there but there were some children. I danced and I danced. My legs were tired by the end of the dance. I helped clean up, so I was among the last people to leave. I walked to the dance but I was able to get a ride home. We left there after midnight. Did I mention that I had to get up for Church the next morning. It is not that I hate being single, it’s just that I desire not to be single. Paul said that it would be best to remain single but if you do not have to strength to remain single then you should marry so you do not become victim to the temptation of lust. I am not one that can remain single. The weather feels like Thanksgiving. It reminds me of Holiday movies. I’m looking for to celebrating the birth of Christ. I’m thankful for all God has blessed me with.


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