Monday Feb. 15

I suppose this day needs to be the day I begin working on my career, but I don’t really know what to do to get my career started. Otherwise, I would have done so years ago. I sit here and type this. I’m at my church. I help with the food pantry. I do this most Mondays. At one time I also did it on Wednesdays but not any longer. I like doing things around church like the pantry and helping lead Bible studies. Green Hill Baptist CHurch is a good place to worship ( I just pray that this is where I should be. I also like going to Columbia After Dark. It’ a Christian Singles group. I like it but everyone that attends the meetings are so much older than me and I do not have much to talk with them about. I pray that I am not single when I get that old. I also like going to Ignite (Thursdays) and having a Bible Study with a couple of friends on Friday nights. I like going to C.A.D’s dances even though, like I said before, everyone is so much older. I like doing all of this. Ignite and the Bible Study on Friday are the two things I like the most. Those are the two things that leave me feeling closer to God. I just do not desire to be where God would not have me. I wonder if I have missed out on God’s blessing in the past because I did what I thought was the right thing to do. I would not say that moving back to Los Angeles is the thing to do or even what I really want to do, but I need to pray about it. I need to and have prayed for clear direction in my life. I have prayed for clarity. I believe that some people in my life have told me things that are sound to some degree but are not really based upon me or the gifts that God has given me. It’s easy to tell someone to do something when you don’t have to live their life… Where I go from here I do not know at this moment. I know that I will do what I can for my acting and writing here and see what happens. If God wants me to do those things then things will fall into place, but it means that I cannot just sit wans wait for it to happen. I need to do something. I need to make an effort.


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