I am writing a script, a TV script. I am doing well on it. Now I have found out about a contest to pitch an idea for a movie. I am going to work on that as well. I know I need to focus on my writing career at this moment. I need to be professional and patient. Yeah, like that word patient is just one of those words that annoys me right now. I mean can I be patient? Right now, at this moment, I have no life. Not that I really care, but that’s how it is right now. I am going to Ignite on St. Andrews Road tomorrow night. Friday I have a Bible Study with a couple of friends and then a bon fire with Ignite. Saturday I might hang out with a new friend and then go to Columbia After Dark’s Christian Singles Dance. I plan to write when I am not doing these things. If anyone out there that reads this wants to chat (IM/ message me on Facebook or Myspace) or hang out in real life just send me a message. I am guessing however that only a couple of people read this… oh well how lame am I? Don’t answer that.


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