February 23, 2010 Afternoon

I am trying to decide what to do today, before it’s too late to do anything. I could go to the IHOP downtown and get free pancakes. I could also go to the State Museum afterwards since I have passes. I don’t know if I want to go so far for pancakes and if I do not go to IHOP then I will not go to the museum today. I could go to the library and work on my writing. Maybe I should do this. Maybe I will do this. I have not decided. I would love to hear back from one of the places I applied at this morning for a job. I really want to work again, but finding a job is not easy. Especially since there’s nothing near me. Why do I have to live so far from a city. Living out in the middle of nowhere has its advantages but finding work is not one of them. Maybe if I were in Atlanta or Nashville, or Los Angeles (again). I have applied to several openings but all of them are in other states.


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