I am very much aware that God moves in mysterious ways. Ways that are like so far above our understanding. I know that God has a purpose for things. I know that God has a plan for my life a long as I am open to it. I mean as long as I am listening to His guidance and not trying to do whatever I feel like. I also know that sometimes it is good not to listen to people and what they think Hod has for your life because what people say, no matter how religious they are, because sometimes what other people say is not from God. Lord, I pray for clarity and direction. My birthday is coming up, March 15th, and I am thinking about so much. I don’t really feel my age. I signed up for the online dating site but I think it was a waste of time. I have not met many women that I am attracted to… and I wonder if I will anytime soon. I’ve prayed for someone to come into my life, but so far it seems the answer is: wait.


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