I have been in South Carolina over one year now. I have been looking for work but I have not found anything yet. I had an interview at a TV station to be a graphic artist but have not heard back. I keep looking but I don’t know how long it will be before I find the job for me. I think this time spent here has been a transition. It’s allowed me to focus and realize some things about myself. My faith in God and my faith in my Lord Jesus Christ have been affirmed. I am not religious, the appearance of faith but lacking true relationship, but I would say that I love God and I rejoice in my salvation. It’s weird to say salvation because so many confuse religion with faith. They confuse those who make their appearance at a church once a week for those who are trying to live out each day in faith. People confuse the church building for the church. The Church is not a building but the people. If you want to change the culture you need to set an example. Divorce? just a thought. Why is it that one sin gets so much attention when other sins are overlooked. White lies? Lottery? Smoking? Drinking? I am not trying to judge anyone, just trying to understand things. Why celebrate hypocrisy when we can change?


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