Thursday Morning…

I am sitting here after doing my work out. I try to do it like 4 times a week. My birthday is coming up, March 15th and I guess I am just bored of the same old same old. I miss working of film and Television sets. I miss being creative. I miss photography. I also hate being single. I mean not that I know of anyone, I mean anyone, that I find attractive. I signed up for the free E-Harmony profile but I am not going to pay for a dating site. I signed up for a free dating site called “Plenty of Fish”, but all of the fish stink. I want to focus on my walk with the Lord. I mean none of that religion crap. I am talking about a daily walk with Christ. I don’t want the fake, you have to go along with the crowd or the pope or any other figurehead of pop Christianity. I am not going to read the latest book about being a Christian and I am not going to watch another “Christian movie” made by a bunch of people trying too hard to be what they are not: creative. There is freedom with God. There is a sense of yeah, I don’t have to be a zombie. I do not have to go along with the latest fades. I can live out my faith even when no one else around me is doing so. It is so vital to think for yourself, I mean trust in God alone for your direction instead of some person, any person. You take the most popular preachers in the world, insert names here since I don’t keep up with these trends, and forget what they say do with your life. They are not God and they cannot tell you how you need to live life. Why should you listen to someone who spent all those years in some school and work for them is coming to church? Maybe preaching should not be a career but a passion. You can preach better when you are among the people you are preaching to, not down at, than behind pulpit.


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