Tuesday March 16th, 2010

I have a busy day scheduled ahead of me. I will be leaving here shortly. Where I am going today (somewhat in order) The Bank Captain D’s CVS State Museum Marble Slab Metro @ FBC Columbia… There might be some more things between these. Today is mostly scheduled out but is not set in stone. Last night was great. I went to Columbia After Dark. The speaker went over the love languages. This being the last in a series of three (three weeks). A friend there bought me dinner for my birthday. I went with a group to Starbucks in the Vista afterwards. I think I did more on my birthday this year than most other years. Today is the day that I am really doing so much for my birthday. I need to prepare for Friday night. The Bible study is now a “House Church” and I will be leading it. I think I will take us through 1 Peter. It is amazing how God works. I mean this house church began after I lead a small group at Green Hill Baptist Church and now it is a house church. I had this concept that God has been leading me to preach but I confused people’s idea of preaching and the concept of preaching that is from God. I thought I had to go to school for several years on top of the what I have already done but if you are called by God He will make a way that does not always mean some expensive school where you study but don’t practice.


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