Friday Night…

In life there are different things that we go through that can make us into better people. You can learn from those moments of sorrow and keep those moments of great joy as inspiration in times of sorrow or just times when you need a boost. God is not about being down and full of self loathing. I mean look at it, we’re suppose to love others as we love ourselves. This means that the kind of love, how we treat ourselves should be the same way we treat others. I mean we should love, from the heart, others and we should love ourselves. I am not saying to be so full of yourselves. We are to put God first, others second and ourselves last. The first will be the last and the last shall be the first. With love there is no room for hate, judgement or any other attitudes of superiority. Christ displayed His love when He set aside His divinity to come to Earth for the world to die on a tree in my place, in the place of sinners. My faith does not come from my head knowledge of God, but from how He has displayed Himself in my life. He has redeemed me as no one else could. I am a sinner, not worthy of anything and yet God so loved me! Well, tomorrow is the singles dance with Columbia After Dark (See my top (Myspace) friends list), I am so looking forward to it…. I am tired so peace out!


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