Wednesday Night… (My Schedule)

I know that I need to have a set schedule for the week (day). I need so much time each week to work out, to pray, to read scripture, to write, to prepare for Friday night, quality time with my mom, and other things like going to single’s groups to meet new people. This very moment is the first moment of this new outlook. I am writing here as a reminder and as a prayer. My prayer is that my life will have focus and direction. I pray that I will live with hope and live according to my beliefs instead of just saying them. My prayer is that this I will be bold is sharing my Faith in Christ through how I live my life and not by being judgmental. I pray that God’s love is what I share and not condemnation. I pray that God is the center of my everything. I pray that I will treat everyone with love and I mean everyone. Do realize how much harder it is to do than to say? Tomorrow I might go have my Birthday Waffle at Waffle House. I am think pecan waffle. I am also thinking about going to the library to work on some writing. Tomorrow night is Ignite. I am so looking forward to tomorrow night. Friday night is House Church at either Sid’s house or Taco Cid. I think we will be in Titus this week for at least some of the time. Saturday is the filmmaking seminar downtown. I have a desire to get back into film and video production, photography, acting, and other creative endeavors. I pray that God will direct me in all of this. Sunday I should be going to Trinity Baptist Church. I have thought about going there for a visit for so long. I went there once when I was very young. Maybe I will end up going there on Sunday mornings now on or maybe I won’t. I am just going to go because I feel God leading me to go at least once. I have no intention of leaving Green Hill Baptist Church, at least not completely. If it means me going to Green Hill on Sunday and Wednesday nights and Trinity on Sunday mornings then I will. I pray for clarity and direction. I pray that God will provide for all my needs so that I know that it is not of my own strength….


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