Friday Night…

House Church did not happen. It had to be cancelled. Tomorrow is the filmmaking seminar. There’s an audition I could go to if I had a way and knew what time it was. I would also have to go from there to USC by 9:30… I went to Waffle House today for my free pecan waffle. I also had a cheeseburger, hash browns, a side of raising bread, and coke with cherry flavoring. I went to sonic for the free cream slush. The wait was so long. I think Sonic is overpriced. The hotdogs are good but it’s not Pinks. Should I move back to Los Angeles/ California or should I move somewhere else? I don’t know, I just know that I need a change. I need so much for my career to begin. Forget being religious, try being faithful, full of love and compassion.


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