Monday, Today is just another day just like tomorrow will be just another day…

I suppose that today has been very productive with me writing and working out before the afternoon. My schedule is changing as I am changing. I was going to Green Hill Baptist Church to work in the pantry, but I will not be doing that any longer. I feel that working in the pantry is not what I am suppose to be doing, thus depriving someone of what they should be doing. I don’t know if I will go to Trinity Baptist Church again but most likely I will. Maybe only Sunday mornings. Maybe I will go to another church for Sunday evening. I have been invited to meet at Zesto in West Columbia Wednesday evening (6:15PM), but I have not decided about going or not. It’s not that I want to quit Green Hill Baptist Church but I do not feel lead to be tied down to one building. I plan on going to Metro at FBC Columbia tomorrow night. I juts hope that this singles group is better than Columbia After Dark, Green Hill Baptist Church and Trinity Baptist Church as far as having people in my age range and not people so much older than me. I should be going to Columbia After Dark tonight, though I am not a fan of the bands that play there because I just don’t like the music. I will stick to professional bands instead of the garage bands. I did not sleep too well last night. I went to bed later than I should have because I was writing and it took me so long to get to sleep. I am hopeful about the good things to come, God’s blessing, and I am in prayer about direction and clarity in my life….


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