Your Help is Needed…

Ok, so I am sitting here in the dark. That’s a video editing thing. I am thinking about having my own production company. I need help. If you want to help me by buying me something for the production company please let me know. I need anything and everything that would go into production, post production and Distribution. I am not talking anything very fancy. If you do not know know what I could use look at B&H Photo ( under professional Video. I need a good (professional) camera like the Canon XL-H1s 3-CCD. I need a computer to edit on, a turnkey system would be great ( I need some lighting equipment like some Kino-Flos. I need grip and electric equipment. Check out these sites for more ideas: If you want to help in other ways please do so. Please forward this information to anyone that you know that would be willing to help. This might be lame but if I don’t ask then I will never receive….


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