Monday Late Night…

Columbia After Dark was good. I went to Starbucks afterwards and we stayed there until 11PM. I am going to go to bed soon. My plans for tomorrow are not set as of yet, and I think I will just take it as it happens. I want to go to Metro at First Baptist Columbia at 7PM. Before that I am not certain what I want to do. I might eat somewhere and go to the State Museum before going to Metro. Wednesday I think I will go to the library to work on my script and other things like redoing my web sites so that they are better. I need to think about some scripts that I can shoot here and ways to raise the money. I now have at least 2 web sites to help find backers. I am a filmmaker, Writer, Actor and photographer. I may not be working right now but I am still these things. I cannot see myself doing anything else. Being a Christian is not being superior to everyone else, it’s not about going to a building once or twice a week, it’s not about reading “Christian” books, listening to “Christian” music, it’s not about quoting or reading the Bible and not putting to practice what you read or quote, it’s not about something we do or say, it’s not about the cross or Calvary, it’s not about any of this. Being a Christian is a relationship, like that of the disciples. It is a relationship where you follow after Christ. It’s not about What would Jesus do, but what would Christ have you do? We are all unique for a reason. God could have made clones and God could have made us obey with the lack of free will. Being a Christian should not be something you have to do. God does not need us to make His will complete. He wants and desires us to come to Him but He is in control no matter what. No person made Jesus go to the cross, so don’t say that we placed Him on the cross. He died on the cross because He loves us to that degree, that He gave His life as payment for our debt (Sin). Being a Christian is not forcing people to come to Christ. We should live as examples of how to live instead of telling others how to live and not living according to God’s Word ourselves. I am speaking to myself at the same time concerning all of this. I mean my desire is to live out what I believe. I have faith that good works shall follow, but I shall not force “good works” hoping that faith will come. Let us be bold in our walk, constant in prayer, constant in the Word, examples of those walking in the Light, and not be proud or boastful so that no one can claim that we are anything but humble servants of our God.


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