Tuesday Morning…

I am sort of awake. I’ve been having these short, weird, dreams this morning. I am trying to decide what to do today. How to spend my time. My goal is to me more productive. Metro at First Baptist Columbia is tonight. I am looking forward to it, but if it is like the “singles groups that I have been to lately then I will be disappointed. I was very hopeful about Trinity Baptist Church having people my age in the singles area, but that is not the case. Columbia After Dark is great to go to but there’s no one close to my age that comes there. Green Hill Baptist has no one close to my age, not even close to my age. It has been said that it is what you make of it, but you cannot make someone be near your age. I like going to these different groups to hang out, but I want to be around more people near my age. I do not have anyone in my life at the moment that is close to my age. I am tired of being single and I am interested in finding someone, but I am not desperate. I am going to focus on getting a career started. If I do meet someone I will be very happy about it but that is not something I am going to spend hours of the day thinking about. I have applied to a church in California (Ventura Missionary Church) and I have received a message saying that they have received my application. I don’t know if I really want to get this or not. I hate moving but I need to find work. I am going to get ready and think about what I need to do today and try to figure out my schedule….


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