Wednesday Evening…

I bought a pair of ten pound weights. This will be great for when I work out. I really need to get in shape. I need to begin taking vitamins again. I do not know what I will do this evening. I am copying a CD I bought onto my computer. I love music. The CD:”The Best Worship Songs… Ever!” I suppose that right now I am in transition and that I just need to believe that God is in control and I need to trust in God alone. What I write here are my thoughts and are not about specific people. I try to leave out names because I do not have permission to use their names. I do write about what is on my heart. It is amazing how people think they know what you are talking about and they think they know all about something even if they don’t My life does not revolve around one building or one set of people. My hope is that my life will change to where my life revolves around God and doing His will in my life. Free Bible Software: I pray that God will turn us from the traditions on man. I pray for redemption for this country. I pray for growth in the church. I am not talking about having more people in the pews, though that is where it begins. I am praying for real growth that involves the heart. I do know this: that to follow after Christ will not be easy and that there will be persecution.


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