Wednesday Night…

I went to Zesto. It was great hanging out with the guys from Trinity Baptist Church. I don’t mind spending time with older guys as they share stories and we joke around. I really need to find work. I am going to go to some sites and look after I finish writing this. I think I need a break from Green Hill Baptist Church, just to be able to go out to different churches and meet different people. I do not want to become religious. I mean I don’t want it go from being about a relationship to being about a scheduled activity. My goal is not to worship so that others think I am something but to have a walk with the Lord so that it’s not about what others think. If I say something and you don’t like it I am not really sure what to think about that because I am just writing what I feel lead to write. I know what those that scribed the New Testament came across people who did not agree with what they wrote. The authors of the new testament were no better than anyone today. I mean they messed up, but at least they finally saw the truth. Anyway, they had people who wanted to kill them throughout their ministry. Are we faithful enough to stand up against those that obey the ruler of this world? Am I brave enough to stand up against false teachers? Can we get back to the Word of God? Traditions are not bad in themselves as long as they do not take the place of scripture. I might return to Green Hill Baptist Church. I think I will wait to see if anyone really misses me. I mean will anyone try to invite me back? It’s not like anyone there really knows me. I don’t really think people there like me, but am I to be concerned with people liking me? I don’t think that’s in the Bible. I don’t want people to hate me but I cannot lie.


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