Thursday Morning…

I am going to go work out. After that I might go to the library to work on some writing. I really want to finish the script that I am currently writing. I know that I will be re-writing for some time, but I want to get to the first draft. I have still not found work, but I keep applying. I have decided that I am not going to give in to the idea of something temporary. I need full time work with pay that would allow me to pay off my student debt and still have money to live on my own. I need to decide what Church building to go to for worship this Sunday morning. I might go to Trinity Baptist Church but I do not know. I wonder why, out of all of the blogs that I have posted, someone comments on one out of so many? I need prayer but please do not pray what you think I need. Just pray a simple prayer for me. It is not what others want me to be that is important but who God made me to be. It’s not the path you think, or anyone thinks, I should take but the path that God has set before me. I just pray that I am on the right path. I know that I need direction and clarity not to mention provision and strength.


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