Tuesday Evening…

I did not go to the library. I will be heading to the Post Office and then the ministry on 12th street that I was invited to after I finish posting this. There should be some upcoming projects for me to be involved in, but none of them are paying gigs. I need something that pays and it has to be related to I have a passion for. I am hopeful that me being involved in these projects that it will lead to more projects and paying ones at that. These are some local filmmakers that I met or were able to connect with because of a filmmaking workshop that I attended. The workshop was presented by the South Carolina Film Commission. I don’t know how doing these projects will help me, but it’s all I have at the moment. I know that these are very low budget projects by beginners, but it’s something. You never know when something great will come from the place or people that you would never imagined it coming from. I might work on my script tonight after I go to the ministry.


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