Saturday Afternoon…

I have nothing to do now. I am not going to help with the video shoot. I hope the best for them, but I don’t see them going far. Not in this economy. It’s going to be hard for anyone to start up a “production Company” when you don’t have the knowledge to create a good product. A movie or a TV show or a commercial or a music video or whatever it is that you produce is a product and if your product is not good enough to compete with the other “products” out there then you’re just not going to make it.

You may call yourselves a “production company” but are you? Anyone can have business cards made to say anything they want. My goal is to stay away from creating a production company until I have more connections and experience.

I think I will work on some writing. I will also look for work and work on promoting myself. Since there are other people with my name out there I need to put myself out there.

I need to consider what I need to do today. I see that I need to be more serious about my career. I need to take things more serious and work towards something. I need to work on my acting, filmmaking, writing, photography (I don’t know how I will do this at the moment), stand-up comedy and whatever else that will take my career to the next level.

I am really thinking, now, that I need to move back to Los Angles. I mean there is more for me to be involved in there.


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