Two Thoughts

Somewhere in this world, there is an open hand,

Waiting for a love to come to take away the pain

Of so many years alone in the dark.

You see not what you should see but

When hope comes, your eyes become open,

To what was always there from before you were born.

The rain comes and washes away the dirt,

Just let this Love wash over you

And cleanse your heart like the rain coming down like a shower.

I sit by the open window

Watching the day pass me by

Not certain but hopeful for a time to come

But for now I shall be content with this very hour.

Rest, now, my dear friend

Take my words and allow this change to come from within

Your life will not be the same

After you give over your life

For the life to come.

Two thoughts intertwined,

A rose among thorns

Is the state of my mind

Where can love be found but in our hearts

Not from man but from above

As in a gift, the promise of a helper to come,

Hope for future hours when this one seems so dark.

Leave the old behind, don’t let it remind you

Of where you have been but look to the Hope I have found

And the things that will save you from the sorrow to come.

I sat upon these rocks,
is my misery so evident,
I find it hard
to be myself.

What years are these
has time already passed us by?
Waiting for a resolution
that never comes.

I sing a song for suffering,
he tells me I should be silent
but I will be heard.

These days are long
is it not possible to breath freely
or shall I always be forced
to remain still?

A moment gone,
so is its passing
that I am afraid
for what is to come.

I sing a song
to remember you by
but all I am told is that you were never real.


I sit after dreams hold looses grip,

To strip of all of the former notions,

And I find uncertain is tomorrow.

Day after day,

Days turning to weeks then months,

Still longing for more but only knowing today.

What is there about my life?

The shame is in the past, yet I feel a void,

As if there’s something more to do,

And when that time comes

I’ll know my life is complete.

I think of you everyday

Counting the days since we first met

These moments pass too quick,

Moments of reflection going so deep

It cuts through the fake

To the Truth of Life.

I count the stars out at night

Laughing at how far I have come

How far I have gone

Since leaving that place,

Some journeys only begin

After you have been and have come back again

To find what you needed the most

Was always there…

Suppose I never changed my life,

How can a man change

What only God can change,

Life is full of questions

Too few dare to ask

For fear of the answer

Some are too quick to judge…

Find a place in these words

Not mine but the words

So divinely inspired

Words of hope in this place where hope is lost everyday…

Pray aloud for change

To these moments

May we find true devotion

May we find love instead of hate

And may we find peace in all the things we go through…

So, go now into the world

With a light to shine in the dark

For in the dark are eyes eager to see

This truth you have before you now…

Hello dearly departed I think I once saw you on the Television,

You looked so beautiful but now you are gone

And I’m here all alone watching your old shows on my DVD player.

I know it might be strange to have found yourself in such a dreadful place

You must be wishing and hoping that it could have gone another way

If only someone had told you of the Hope that I now have

But I was just a little boy growing up in a small town in the South

And you were a star that shone so bright on this World but now you are dead

The radiance that once surrounded you is now gone, it was not real; it was only for a short time.

Hello sweet lady you were so nice to everyone, you were such a good person

But what has become of you is such a shame.

If only you had listened to your mother or your Father as they tried to tell you of a Hope

That I now speak of in remembrance of one, who died without true Love,

Things could have ended differently if only you gave up your stubborn ways

For the Grace that saves all who enter into this agreement with the Lord above.

Now if you are reading or listening to my words please take them to heart,

I do not wish to repeat myself when it is your turn in eternity

So listen closely to what I have to say, do not close your ears to this Truth I have to share.

We are all sinners in need of a Savior, Jesus Christ who came to earth to die for our sins.

He came to seek the lost and to redeem the sick as we are all from birth.

I shall not bore you with so many details to come,

But go and seek a Bible and read about how to come to faith in Jesus Christ,

It is a matter of your eternal life.

Do not ignore God He is calling you to Him now,

Standing at the door to your heart, just open up and let Him inside.

Days come and go like snow falling to the ground,

Each so different yet so much the same

Passing as the snow melts into the ground

So are we to return one day from once we came

Dust to dust our remains beneath the ground.

Now is the time to remember our creator,

Find hope in His redeeming grace,

Not in a building made by human hands

But in this sanctuary created by our God.

Time to take the time,

On your knees in humility

Before the Lord who came

To give life to those who are the walking dead,

Time to give over this life for a life to come

Accepting this free gift from our Lord.

I do not speak out of judgment

But out of Love and an understanding

That is not of my own creation,

I speak to you from Love

Hopeful that you shall

Share in this Joy that has saved me from the fire.

Do not close your heart

But please consider coming to my Savior

Before it is too late:

I am no better than you it is by Grace alone that I can rejoice in His Love.



Cleansing of your heart
This has to be done first.
This is a time of confession.

Praise God for who He is.

Thanks God for what He has done.

Pray for others:

Included in this are:

Pray for the Sick
Pray for the leaders of this world
Pray for the Lost
Pray for those serving the Lord around the world
Pray for those you know not related to you
Pray for the people you see in life that you don’t know
Pray fro those that you do not agree with
Pray for your church
Pray for those caught up in Cults (Mormons, etc.)
Pray for your neighborhood

Pray For yourself:
Pray for a cleansing
Pray for a renewed way of thinking
Pray that Christ is at the center of everything that you are
Pray for an willingness to serve where God would have you serve

Remember that being a Christian is not sitting in a pew. It’s being the example of how Christ lived. You are to be a reflection of the Lord to those who do not have Him in their lives. You are to live out the scripture in love, without judgment, a servant of the Lord. You are not to be caught up in a lifestyle but a lifestyle will come from faithful obedience. Your life is not to be about collecting things. Your family is the church.


If you think about what it means to be a Christian, really think about what, it means to be a follower of Christ, what would this look like. I believe that the “Church” as a whole, there are exceptions, is not living up to the model of living life as a Christian and a body of believers that was represented in Acts.

I believe Acts is a great place to begin when considering what the “Church” should look like and be about. The idea that the church is not made up of a group of individuals or even individual families, but that it is one body and one Family.

In Acts 2 starting in verse 45 it says; “So they sold their possessions and property and distributed the proceeds to all, as anyone had a need.” I’m not saying that we should sell everything, but at least we could bring together what we can spare for the benefit of the whole. I mean if you have something you no longer need then you should find someone in need of it.

In Acts 2 it goes on to say in verse 46: ” And every day they devoted themselves to meeting together in the temple complex, and broke bread from house to house. They ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, praising God and having favor with all the people. And every day the Lord added to them those who were being saved.”

Maybe we cannot meet everyday, at least not all of us, to share a meal and share in worship but why do we limit it to one day a week? We, as a church should come together more often to break bread, a shared meal, and share in that time as worship.

House Church

There is a movement in this country towards house churches. I believe that house churches are the way to go these days. It’s not a new idea. In the New Testament the people, the church, met at people’s houses. I am not able to have a house church at this moment, but I know that I am being prepared to have one someday.

The idea is not to create a new way of doing “Church”, but a returning to the original idea of doing church as it relates to the Church established in the New Testament. Read Acts and pray about where God is leading your body of believers. It should not be about keeping up with the latest trends but keeping up with God’s will.


The thing to remember about Church and life as a Christian is that it is all about Christ and His sacrifice made on our behalf. It is not about dressing up and coming to a building but about living life for God. I am not talking about some of your life, but all of your life. I know that I struggle in my walk. It’s not about easy, it’s about relying on God for everything. We should we live each day for God and not think that us sitting in a pew is enough.

God did not tell them to go out and make people to sit around listening to others being disciples, but to go out and creating disciples. It does not end at creating disciples it means that you need to disciple them. If you look at the life of a Christan from point of acceptance on you should see growth. You should see a dramatic change on their lives. We’re not told to do what we were doing before but offer ourselves as a living sacrifice. I believe being a living sacrifice to God is easier than what Christ went through. If you think I am wrong then go and try it for yourself. You will not make it far.

Living as a living sacrifice is about giving over your entire life, all that you are, to the will of God. Am I saying that this is easy? By no means is this easy. I know that I fall short of this so often, but it’s not about thinking about what is impossible with us but about what is possible with God.

So, repent. Turn away from the life focused on the things of this world. Turn from the idea that you have to be that much richer or have whatever thing you think you need to have. Look to God. Look to God alone for guidance. This guidance has several forms. God uses different things to reach us. Consider these: study God’s Word, PRAY!, PRAY!, Study God;s Word, have a conversation with a strong Christian brother (if you are a woman then a strong Christian sister), Study God’s Word, and Pray. Listen with intent to God speaking to you. Do not be afraid to ask God for clarification.

God is an amazing God who loves us like a Father loves his Son. He will discipline us but His discipline comes with all instruction on how to change our lives. God is Great all of the time. Praise Him!


random Thoughts 3

When you consider who I am as of present you should consider my past. Where I have come from has lead up to where I am going. God has a plan for me that He knew from before I was born. My prayer, now, is to live according to that plan.

As far back as I can remember I have always enjoyed the creative and the creative is what I enjoy now.

I shall be honest in regards to who I am. I’m easy going but there are things that I’m very serious about. The main thing that I’m serious about is my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have lived a strange life. A life of solitude and of imagination. I live, now, a life of isolation and imagination.

I have studied film production and video production for about six years. I have been a paid photographer, I would say professional but that title is so subjective. I have been a professional actor. I have written and have sold some of my writing on a small scale, small scale meaning a couple of people have paid for my writing. I recall one paid me to write a song for his girlfriend and one or more bought the book of poetry I put together at the copy office that I worked at during that time, one time many years ago.

I have worked at Winn Dixie and Bi-Lo. I have worked at a BO Gasoline station. I have worked at a copy store. I have worked at Target. I have worked as an extra (Background Talent). I have worked as an actor. I have worked as a photographer. I have worked at Burger King (one week- the smell made me sick). I have worked as a day laborer.

I have been to a camp near Orr Minnesota. I have been a Boy Scout. I miss being a Boy Scout. I really liked camping.

I am easy to approach. I mean I am open to talking to anyone.

My life I live now I live for God.

Random Thoughts 2

It has been a strange journey, these past few years. And now, at the end of one journey and the start of another, I am sort of in between things at the moment but I believe that I am preparing and being prepared for the next stage in my life.

The movie that I had a role in was just at the Hollywood Film Festival, October 2009. I have been hopeful about my acting. I was in a commercial and an episode of a TV show (1,000 Ways to Die for Spike TV). I have come to find myself being lead towards preaching the Gospel but I do not yet know what that will look like or how it will work out.

I have been writing and hope to do more with my writing in the near future. I am always open to acting opportunities but I’m not actively looking for anything. My prayer, my constant prayer, is for guidance in all that I do.

It’s strange when you get to a point where you have some clarity about something yet only to a certain degree. I mean I feel a leading to something but not the way to achieve that something.

My writing is a vital part of who I am. I am currently writing a series of short stories. I began writing them after the members of the book group that I am in at the West Columbia Public Library asked me to write a short story. This after I brought up my writing at the end of one meeting.

I wrote the second and third short story, but I realized that I had rushed myself in writing them. I am now rewriting the second story. I still have the original ones that I wrote. I am hopeful about writing enough stories to create a book. I’m not going to focus on writing a book but one each story. I’m also going to take the entire month between book group meetings to write each story.

I have also been writing screenplays and currently have some ideas for scripts that I’m developing.

To where the wind blows? Shall I go with the wind that blows one way today and the opposite the next, or shall I listen to the voice of God calling? Shall I turn aside fear and doubt and go forth in faith? Faith in nothing but the will of God and God’s leading?
I shall pray for God’s leading in my life everyday. Everyday I hope to give over all that I am to God. This life I live I live not by my own understanding but from leaning upon the wisdom of the Lord.

In prayer I find hope, strength and a direction in a world with no moral compass.

A direction to life. A flow to this life I shall pursue with all of my heart.

There are several things that I am praying about including what to do with my days, and the rest of my life.

Random Thoughts

These times of reflection, as in a mirror, are times that God speaks to each of us, personally, in a way we can understand. During these times God reveals, sometimes, a need we have. A need to change something, a need to stop doing something, or a reassuring gesture that tells us we are doing something right.

If we shall follow Christ there is a conviction of where we fall short. After conviction there needs to be a reaction, an action – otherwise we fall to condemnation- of which there is no hope. Since conviction comes with a way to change for the better and condemnation only comes with judgment. Condemnation does not come with the guidance of how to overcome the obstacle.

The amount of time spent, wasted, on things of little consequence should not be greater than the amount of time spent on things of eternal consequences.

Conviction Vs. Condemnation

Please keep in mind that I am not referring to the condemnation of eternity in Hell, but the condemnation in our lives for sin. I am also writing to those who already have Christ in their lives.
The scripture says that if we say that we do not sin that we are a liar and we make God a liar. When you sin, either knowingly or unknowingly, you a re either condemned or convicted.
Conviction is God telling you to repent and how to keep from that sin. Condemnation is from the Evil One. Condemnation does not come with a way to change but the feeling that there is no hope of change. Remember that being a Christian is not an one day out of your life event. It is a process that begins with that moment. Being a Christian is giving over your life and will over to God.
Sin is sin. Consider what is sin. Scripture says that are bodies are temples: remember that the Holy Spirit is in you. If we defile our bodies it is a sin. So, eating too much, smoking tobacco, taking drugs that are not helpful to our health and so on is sin. Sin: Lying, gambling, drinking too much alcohol, having sex outside of marriage, etc.
The fact that we sin is something we cannot change. We cannot do anything good on our own. We have to turn to God for help. We also have the help of other Christians. We have our preachers. When temptation comes turn to God and other Christians. Pray. Temptation is not sin, but how we deal with temptation that can be sin.