Conviction Vs. Condemnation

Please keep in mind that I am not referring to the condemnation of eternity in Hell, but the condemnation in our lives for sin. I am also writing to those who already have Christ in their lives.
The scripture says that if we say that we do not sin that we are a liar and we make God a liar. When you sin, either knowingly or unknowingly, you a re either condemned or convicted.
Conviction is God telling you to repent and how to keep from that sin. Condemnation is from the Evil One. Condemnation does not come with a way to change but the feeling that there is no hope of change. Remember that being a Christian is not an one day out of your life event. It is a process that begins with that moment. Being a Christian is giving over your life and will over to God.
Sin is sin. Consider what is sin. Scripture says that are bodies are temples: remember that the Holy Spirit is in you. If we defile our bodies it is a sin. So, eating too much, smoking tobacco, taking drugs that are not helpful to our health and so on is sin. Sin: Lying, gambling, drinking too much alcohol, having sex outside of marriage, etc.
The fact that we sin is something we cannot change. We cannot do anything good on our own. We have to turn to God for help. We also have the help of other Christians. We have our preachers. When temptation comes turn to God and other Christians. Pray. Temptation is not sin, but how we deal with temptation that can be sin.


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