Cleansing of your heart
This has to be done first.
This is a time of confession.

Praise God for who He is.

Thanks God for what He has done.

Pray for others:

Included in this are:

Pray for the Sick
Pray for the leaders of this world
Pray for the Lost
Pray for those serving the Lord around the world
Pray for those you know not related to you
Pray for the people you see in life that you don’t know
Pray fro those that you do not agree with
Pray for your church
Pray for those caught up in Cults (Mormons, etc.)
Pray for your neighborhood

Pray For yourself:
Pray for a cleansing
Pray for a renewed way of thinking
Pray that Christ is at the center of everything that you are
Pray for an willingness to serve where God would have you serve

Remember that being a Christian is not sitting in a pew. It’s being the example of how Christ lived. You are to be a reflection of the Lord to those who do not have Him in their lives. You are to live out the scripture in love, without judgment, a servant of the Lord. You are not to be caught up in a lifestyle but a lifestyle will come from faithful obedience. Your life is not to be about collecting things. Your family is the church.


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