Promoting Myself…

My plan is to develop a strategy to promote myself using my social profile pages, my web sites, my blogs and other sites. I need to take a look at my profiles and sites and make them more appealing and direct. I need to focus on marketing myself. I know that I need to figure out what I need to have on my web sites. This means that I will start them over from nothing so that I can make them look more professional.

I need to work on sample writing to have on my sites to help promote myself as a writer. I also need videos to help promote myself as an actor and filmmaker. I wish I had more of my photography to help promote it.

I really need help with all of this, but I have no money. I need an agent and a manager, but I am a nobody. I need to change this. I need to have a determination so strong that nothing will stand in my way.


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