Random Thoughts 2

It has been a strange journey, these past few years. And now, at the end of one journey and the start of another, I am sort of in between things at the moment but I believe that I am preparing and being prepared for the next stage in my life.

The movie that I had a role in was just at the Hollywood Film Festival, October 2009. I have been hopeful about my acting. I was in a commercial and an episode of a TV show (1,000 Ways to Die for Spike TV). I have come to find myself being lead towards preaching the Gospel but I do not yet know what that will look like or how it will work out.

I have been writing and hope to do more with my writing in the near future. I am always open to acting opportunities but I’m not actively looking for anything. My prayer, my constant prayer, is for guidance in all that I do.

It’s strange when you get to a point where you have some clarity about something yet only to a certain degree. I mean I feel a leading to something but not the way to achieve that something.

My writing is a vital part of who I am. I am currently writing a series of short stories. I began writing them after the members of the book group that I am in at the West Columbia Public Library asked me to write a short story. This after I brought up my writing at the end of one meeting.

I wrote the second and third short story, but I realized that I had rushed myself in writing them. I am now rewriting the second story. I still have the original ones that I wrote. I am hopeful about writing enough stories to create a book. I’m not going to focus on writing a book but one each story. I’m also going to take the entire month between book group meetings to write each story.

I have also been writing screenplays and currently have some ideas for scripts that I’m developing.

To where the wind blows? Shall I go with the wind that blows one way today and the opposite the next, or shall I listen to the voice of God calling? Shall I turn aside fear and doubt and go forth in faith? Faith in nothing but the will of God and God’s leading?
I shall pray for God’s leading in my life everyday. Everyday I hope to give over all that I am to God. This life I live I live not by my own understanding but from leaning upon the wisdom of the Lord.

In prayer I find hope, strength and a direction in a world with no moral compass.

A direction to life. A flow to this life I shall pursue with all of my heart.

There are several things that I am praying about including what to do with my days, and the rest of my life.


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