random Thoughts 3

When you consider who I am as of present you should consider my past. Where I have come from has lead up to where I am going. God has a plan for me that He knew from before I was born. My prayer, now, is to live according to that plan.

As far back as I can remember I have always enjoyed the creative and the creative is what I enjoy now.

I shall be honest in regards to who I am. I’m easy going but there are things that I’m very serious about. The main thing that I’m serious about is my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have lived a strange life. A life of solitude and of imagination. I live, now, a life of isolation and imagination.

I have studied film production and video production for about six years. I have been a paid photographer, I would say professional but that title is so subjective. I have been a professional actor. I have written and have sold some of my writing on a small scale, small scale meaning a couple of people have paid for my writing. I recall one paid me to write a song for his girlfriend and one or more bought the book of poetry I put together at the copy office that I worked at during that time, one time many years ago.

I have worked at Winn Dixie and Bi-Lo. I have worked at a BO Gasoline station. I have worked at a copy store. I have worked at Target. I have worked as an extra (Background Talent). I have worked as an actor. I have worked as a photographer. I have worked at Burger King (one week- the smell made me sick). I have worked as a day laborer.

I have been to a camp near Orr Minnesota. I have been a Boy Scout. I miss being a Boy Scout. I really liked camping.

I am easy to approach. I mean I am open to talking to anyone.

My life I live now I live for God.


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