Thursday Afternoon…

It is insane how much money I owe from going to school. I am trying to think of what work I would need to get to pay this off: doctor or lawyer maybe. I would love to pay it off and pay if off now. I need high paying work. I don’t know how they expect me to pay off this debt if no one helps me find work that pays enough to cover the debt and cover expenses. I need prayer. I am going to Ignite tonight and House Church tomorrow night. Saturday I am going to a filmmaking workshop (Audio). I want to go to the Columbia After Dark’s Dance but I would need a ride from the workshop to the dance. The workshop will be at McMaster College, USC Sunday I am going to Trinity Baptist Church. It is good to go where you are suppose to be going are where people want you there. I spent the last year going somewhere the people did not really want me as made obvious to me. I might have work as a Production Assistant on something coming up. My concern now is how I will get to the location.


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