Tuesday Evening…

I have been looking for work including looking for casting notices for months now. I am trying to keep the hope alive. The hope that I will find work in one or more of the following fields: film production, video production, screenwriting, novel writing, journalism, photojournalism, photography, acting, graphics, video editing, film and television directing, short story and poetry writing, article writing… I am going to the book group at the library tonight. Thursday I am going to Ignite. Friday is House Church. I have been going to Trinity Baptist on Sunday Mornings but I do not know if I will continue going there much longer. I want to go to a “church” where I am part of the body and not just a member of the audience. Please read my poems at the following link and share the link with as many people as possible. I will be paid if so many people go to my poems. Please help. http://www.associatedcontent.com/user/80358/jason_whitaker.html I am working on a few writing projects that I hope will lead to more.


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