Tuesday Afternoon…

I have applied to some jobs, which I am hopeful about. If I had a scanner for my computer I could do some mystery shopping for money. I hope that I get one of the two jobs that I applied for which would allow me to work from home. I would need to have high speed internet installed for it though. I am writing a novel. I have submitted a couple of short stories and some poetry to a new local magazine. My goal is to write and read more. I am planning to write a play for Ignite to perform at Park Street Baptist. I am excited about getting started as soon as I am more clear on what I want to say through the play. I am very hopeful that things will improve soon enough. I began attending a writer’s group at the library and I have began attending the book group for the evenings. I am considering joining the morning group as well. I would like to have a place to stay on my own with no roommates. I would also like to have a new reliable car. My hope is that I will obtain work that will allow me to obtain these. I am going to Trinity Baptist Sunday mornings and I am thinking about attending Green Hill Baptist again for Sunday Evenings. I know that I need to go to Trinity. I felt a leading by God to got to Trinity. My prayer is that God’s purpose for me attending Trinity will be revealed. I do believe that I should begin attending Green Hill on Sunday evenings.


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