Friday Afternoon…

I wish that I could afford to buy the 2010 or 2011 Writer’s Market Deluxe Edition which includes 1-year subscription to I am going to House Church this evening. I am going to work on finding places to submit my writing to. I am also going to do some reading. I have been reading more lately. I love reading. I am writing a novel at the moment but it is a slow process. I need to make more time to write in my novel. Tomorrow I am going with my my to Popeye’s for free tea and maybe we’ll buy some chicken. We’ll also go to Wal-Mart and Bi-Lo. I hope that it does not rain. I am hopeful about some jobs that I have applied for. I am also intrigued by something God has revealed to me. I mean it’s not a full revelation or anything. I am still in need of prayer as to what I need to do. I feel lead to be a part of change at 2 churches. I know that it will take prayer and that nothing will happen without God. I know that these churches need to become “New Testament” Churches. They need to get away from religion and appearances and become a part of the body. Why do we divide the body? In war that is how you can defeat an enemy. There is one body. We need to act like we believe this and we need to do what we believe instead of just saying it. Forget the idea of a tithe and consider what you can give. What is you abundance? What can you give to the body. We need to take care of the body. If we did this then there would be no need in the body. The idea of the body is that each part does it part to take care of the body and in all of this bring glory to God. If you only sit in the pew and wait then you will miss out on God’s plan for you. God doesn’t really need us to be part of His plan but he desires to use us. Allow God to use you. I pray that God will use me and that I will obey. I pray that whatever reason he has for me involving these two churches becomes clear to me and that I am faithful to this.


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