Tuesday afternoon…

I have published a couple of articles on the Associated Content site. Those two articles have been viewed over 700 times already. I wish that I could get that many views everyday. My dream goal with how many views I get per day is 100,00 which would mean that I would be able to earn a slight living from this writing. Of course that would mean that I would need to have something new posted everyday and it would help if I were able to write more of the articles where I get paid a small amount up front. The two articles that I had posted this week are two that I will be paid something up front (about 6$). I hope to be a full time, paid, writer soon. I don’t know how I will make that happen or if I can make it happen. Maybe I just need to keep writing and submitting to different things. I can use help. I know that pryer is needed as well. Today I am the library until I decide to go home and eat. Tonight I will read and watch some television with my mom. Tomorrow I will come to the library again. Maybe I will stop by Green Hill Baptist tomorrow night on my way home. Thursday is Ignite and I always look forward to Ignite. Friday I guess I will be going to House Church but I don’t know since the person that picks me up for that did not show up last week. Saturday is the dance with Columbia After Dark. Sunday I will go to Trinity Baptist in the morning and maybe Green Hill Baptist in the evening. I was planning on going to Green Hill this past Sunday but fell asleep after a long morning and forgot about going anywhere. I am slowly writing a novel but I need to focus and get some writing done soon. I really don’t feel like it right now because my allergies are bothering me.


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