Thursday Afternoon…

Today is Thursday and tonight is Ignite. I have been writing some for Associated Content, which is now a part of Yahoo. I have been paid 25$ so far in up front payments for some of my articles. I have a couple that I need to write in the next couple of days. Maybe I will write one before I leave the library. I am hopeful that I will find work very soon. I have applied to various jobs but I will not worry about it. I mean I am no longer going to worry about not having work. I will not listen to anyone try to rush me into getting a job that is not right for me: a job that I should not have. The HG Green Home Sweepstakes is about to end and the winner announced. I hope that I win this house. It would be great to have a place of my own and the truck that comes with the house. The thing that I like about the house is that it is furnished. It comes ready to live in. I have looked at the photos of the rooms and have seen what is included. I would like to go somewhere. I need to travel. I need to see other places and meet people. I so desire to go out and travel and do things.


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