Monday Morning…

I went to the beach Saturday with Ignite. I had a great time at the beach. However I now have a sun burn. Apparently I did not use enough sun screen on my lower back and on the tops of my feet. My nose is also blistered but only around the openings. I hope to over it shortly. I did not go to Trinity Sunday morning because of the burn. I did go help with the VBS at Park Street Baptist. I went with the rest of Ignite. There were two boys in the class that we are responsible for. The VBS goes until Thursday of this week. It was fun helping last night even with the sun burn. I am looking forward to going tonight. I have submitted two new articles to Associated Content, one of which has been accepted, and I still have a couple articles pending as far as being accepted. I have a book that I am reading now that I need to finish called “Everlost” by Neal Shusterman and I have another book to read for a book group that is meeting tomorrow night but I do not think I will be at the Book group because of VBS. I submitted my resume about a job this summer on a reality television show to be shot in South Carolina. I am very hopeful about getting it.


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