Friday Afternoon…

I have applied to several web sites similar to Associated Content. I am hopeful that I can begin making enough money from my writing. Maybe it will be enough that I can make a living from. I have new articles on the Associated Content site, so please read them. Also, please share the links to the articles. Tomorrow is the dance with CAD. I should be going. Sunday I should be at Trinity Baptist. Sunday evening I am going to a get together with Ignite. I have applied to several jobs at different churches. I have heard back from two telling me that the position is part-time. One on California I have told them that I am still interested in the position. The other one would only be about 15 hours a week. I would love to have that one but I would need to find another job in that city. I am not certain where I will be or what I will be doing next but I pray that God directs me in everything.


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