Sunday Evening…

I suppose I have been going through some stuff and it has not been easy. For one thing I have been sick. The other stuff I will not mention here. I have some plans for the web sites of mine that I have done nothing with for the past several months. I am not going to say when it will happen but my goal is to turn the sites into a literary magazine consisting of new writing by me. There will be at lest one short story and poetry. I do not know how often I will post new stuff. Maybe once a month. Maybe less often. I don’t even know when I will begin this since I will not be going to the library as often as I was due to the heat. I have been reading more as of recently. I am working on writing a play. I hope to have more to share concerning this play soon. I have a novel that I am working on but I am taking my time with it. I need to work out some of the details but I am also trying to decide how to write it. I have considered writing short stories instead of one novel. Maybe novellas? I don’t know. I am still trying to decide so much concerning this bit of writing. I have received the rejection notices from a couple of the places that I submitted writing to several months ago. I have not been writing anything for Associated Content. I need so much prayer and support. I thank God for the support that I have received. I thank the rest of Ignite for helping me with so much.


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