Thursday Afternoon…

I have begun work on a play, a musical. I hope to finish writing it soon. The plan is to produce the play locally at a small church. My goal is to write and produce several plays a year. I don’t know if I will be able to accomplish this goal or not. I know that I will need so much help especially with the music aspect of the musicals. I also plan on writing some plays that are not musicals. I plan on writing a Christmas play after the musical. The movie that I am an actor in is for sale. I need prayer and help. Tonight is Ignite again after not meeting for the month of July. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and sharing what I have so far for the play. Saturday is the Columbia After Dark Dance. Sunday I hope to be going to the House Church in Irmo. I need work. I want to buy professional photography and videography gear so that I can get some work but it is very expensive.


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