Friday Afternoon…

I have written some material for the play that I am writing and I am hopeful about being about to write the play. I would really like some help with the music though. I hope that I will be able to direct the non-music aspect of the play. I need to write more than I do now. I need to write more short stories and scripts and not be caught up on the idea of what to do with them when I write them but to focus on writing them. I have sent my information about a Production Assistant gig near Charleston but I know that I have no way to do it since I have no transportation and I really don’t know the area. It pays 150$ per 10 hours plus overtime after that. It would only be for a few days but it would be something. I need money coming in, somehow and I need to get a car. Someone has suggested that I get a moped (scooter) but I would be nervous about driving one with the way people drive. Someone suggested that I go back to school to work for myself working on Air Conditioners and such, but I don’t think I would be very good at that. Also, who would pay for this training. I have no desire to go back to school unless it is all paid for. I mean everything that I would need and I would not have to pay any of it back. I wish someone would help me find work in what I have already studied and what I already have some experience with. I know that I need to focus on God more. I need to pray and read/ study the Bible more. I should be going to House Church in Irmo Sunday though I have no idea how I will get there yet. I guess someone is going to give me a ride. I hope so. I like going to House Church. I know that I want to write some and post it on my web site but I just need to get myself to write. I also need to work on the web site. I need to promote it and add stuff to the site to make some money. I am considering again the idea of writing short movies and producing them here using fundraising methods that I have found out about. If anyone wants to help me with this please let me know.


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