Monday Afternoon…

I did not go to the House Church in Irmo since I had no way to get there. I went to another house church, at least the beginning of a house church. I prefer the one in Irmo since the people are my age or at least some of them are. The people at the other house church are so much older than me. I am going to write more. My plan is to work on several things at one time: depending upon my motivation at the time. I applied for a job at WACH FOX 57. I sent my resume via e-mail. I don’t know where the station is located, but it is a job. I mean an actual job in my field located in Columbia. I do not mind being single, but I would prefer not to be so. I don’t know when that will change since I don’t even know any woman that I am interested in. I keep wondering if I should move to a bigger city, a more developed city. I think Greenville and Charleston and more developed, but there are also places in North Carolina that have potential. I guess I would even consider Georgia. I guess moving back to Los Angeles would be an option. There’s also the New York or Chicago area. Florida is an option. I have been applying for jobs and audition notices but still nothing. My dream goal is to have my own production company with everything need to produce television show, movies, music videos, commercials, etc. including all of the equipment needed in pre-production, production, post-production and distribution. There would also be a photography studio and a sound recording studio. The sound studio so that I can record all of the sound needed for the productions including the sound track. My first step is to write and produce locally some short movies. I also desire to write and produce a couple of plays each year. I am writing a play right now. I do now know how all of this will happen but I know that I cannot do any of this on my own. I need help.


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