Wednesday evening…

I have applied to jobs at two different, local, television stations. I am hopeful about these prospects but I am doubtful about it. I want to be optimistic concerning work that I apply for but after so much time of finding no work I don’t want to get too excited about the slightest chance of finding work. If I am hired by one of these stations I am not sure how I will be able to get to and from work. I guess I will have to figure that out if I get hired. I do know that I need to structure my time more wisely. I need to write more. I also need to research more into things to do with my writing like more places to submit my writing to. I am considering moving back to Los Angeles and how to make this happen. If I do not get work in my field soon I will have to move somewhere that I am more likely to find work. Tomorrow I have jury duty in West Columbia so I hope that it does not rain tomorrow. Tomorrow night is Ignite. Saturday is the CAD dance. Sunday I should be going to the House Church in the morning and then to another one in the evening. I pray for direction and help. I need advice but not that would help me, not what people think I should do based on their ignorant idea of what I can do but based upon what is possible with God.


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