Friday Afternoon…

Tomorrow I have a small group that I have been going to that I should be attending in the morning. Tomorrow evening is the Columbia After Dark Dance. Sunday I will be going to the House Church in the morning and a small group in the evening. I have decisions that need to be made, and prayer for these decisions is needed. I have been in South Carolina almost two years, so I need to decide if I should move and if so how and where. I am open to moving anywhere in the world as long as I have somewhere to live that I do not have to share with strangers. I want to learn to play the drums but I don’t know if I will ever be able to since I do not have a drum set. My plan at the moment is to write plays and produce them locally, write short movies and produce them locally, continue writing for the two web sites that I write for, write and submit various kinds of writing and look for other opportunities as they happen. I need help in the form of prayer and any kind of help that anyone is willing to give. I am cautious about who I listen to. I know an older man who wants to be a writer and teacher but he should not be either one of these. He also wants to be a leader, but he should follow first. He means well, but he thinks he should be a leader because of his age and how many children he has had. Even those older in age can be fools.


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