Monday Afternoon…

I am beginning to work towards having somewhat of an organized schedule. My hope is to utilize the time that I have. There are some things that I don’t want to make into a routine, I just want to put aside time for those things. I am going to begin working out to the Biggest Loser DVDS that I have. My plan is to do this 5 days a week. I will use 2 DVDS each day alternating between 4 DVDS. I will use the same 2 each time but one day I use one set of two and the next I will use the other set of 2. My goal is to tone up. I have some articles that I need to write, but I will wait until tomorrow because I want to get started on my workout routine. I also want to do some other things. I am very open to the idea of moving back to the Los Angeles area. If I do not find work soon I will begin working on moving back. I am open to other fields besides mine: (Film and video production, writing, television production, screenwriting, television writing, photography, acting, video editing, and things related to these), but it needs to be something that I could do. I am not looking for a job in sales, retail, or fast food. I am looking for a career. I am not looking to start at the top. I just desire something that fits me. I have never told anyone that what they are doing is not what they should be doing, so I hope that others will not do that to me. I am open to further education as long as I know the finances are taken care of. I am open to moving as long as moving expenses and living expenses are covered. I have no interest in living with a stranger again, nit after my past experiences. I am not interested in living in a spare room but I am interested in a decent place to live. I need to find somewhere to live soon. I also need a car. A new car I guess. One that has good gas mileage and space for equipment. I do not know how to work on cars so one that needs constant work would not be good.


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