Tuesday Evening…

People have agendas. People have this self-centered approach to life. I don’t know what to do. I mean to live a life in submission to God is one going against what people tell you. I mean you cannot listen to most people most of the time because their motivations are not always right. I have been in South Carolina for almost two years. I have yet to find work in my field and the work available requires more education. I am looking into getting some more education, but will only be able to if the funding is available. I am considering training to be a X-Ray tech. I don’t know if this will work out or not. I am also considering the idea that I am suppose to be a filmmaker. It will not be easy. It will mean doing some fundraising while writing projects and finding others to be involved in the process. I want to apply for the program at Midlands Tech but there is the application fee, which I don’t have. I am going to a filmmaking workshop Saturday in Columbia. I am currently looking for work.


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