Friday Afternoon…

God does indeed speak to us. The problem is that we do not always listen. When we do hear God speaking we do not always do what God says to do or not do what God says not to do. I know that I need to find work, a source of income, soon so that I can get my own place to live. I am not speaking of renting, but owning. I also need a car. A reliable car that has good gas mileage. I am going to begin writing some scripts. I have not forgotten the play. I will work on the play as things come to me. I am going to write some scripts and work towards producing and directing them here in South Carolina. I will work towards having a production company. I need prayer and help. I am also open to donations. I am going to a filmmaking workshop this Saturday at: USC Campus 214 McMaster College 1615 Senate Street Columbia, SC The workshop will be from 9:30 AM to 5 PM I am looking forward to the workshop. I don’t have any plans for afterwards. Sunday I will be going to the House Church in Irmo.


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