Wednesday Afternoon…

I am currently working on a TV Show. My plan is to write and shoot an entire first season of an original TV Show. I plan to raise the money and shoot it locally using local talent and crew whenever possible. I am going to apply for the Assistant Training Program through the DGA. I will have to find a way to NY 3 times if I make it that far into the process. There are some events that I would love to attend: Actor Fest (NY and LA) ( Pitch Summit ( Studio Pass Screenwriting Expo ( I am going to work on the play I began writing but it will not be my main focus. Maybe if there was more support for it I would be more motivated to finish it. I need to do something. I am unable to find work suitable for me here. I have student loans to pay back. I would like to go back and finish my degree. I hate being single. I feel like I am on the verge of depression. I do thank God for what I do have. There is so much to be thankful for even when there’s so much stress.


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