Thursday Afternoon…

I have made some progress on the TV show idea. I am very hopeful about this project. I will have to find funding, but first I want to write the scripts so that I have something to show investors. I would not mind shooting scenes from the script just to have something to show, but when I shoot the actual show I want professional equipment and crew. I am planning on applying to the Assistant Training Program through the DGA (Director’s Guild). The application process involves going to NY for a test. If I make it past that there are two different interviews (NY) to go to. If I make it through these steps then I will have to move to NY for the program. I will not need a car. It says this on their site. I will be able to use public Transport. If the location is outside of the area covered by public transport then the production will arrange transport. I am excited about these things but I am depressed because both of these things are so uncertain.


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